I was brought up in Germany and England until 10years old exposed to old castles, mummies, and vintage aircrafts. After I was brought back to my country, Japan, where I discovered skateboarding which led me to California's Bay Area. Since that time I skated and shot for skateboarding magazine while I found the beauty of America. I drove, took greyhound, Amtrak, and rode my motorcycle across this country many times to seek and photograph the true America unseen to myself. My favorite pass time is still wondering out to the corner of America on undecided assignment alone, feeling vunarable and small. I love discovering beauty in plain everyday sights which they pass by you unnoticed often. I truly believe we as each individual has meaning on earth and our faces will tell our story. Photography is more than a way to earn living to me yet I have not yet found why. For now, I will keep traveling to photograph undiscovered beauty of human kind and what we have made and what surrounds us.